zaterdag 16 april 2016

Little Things 2

.·:*¨Low Budget Scrappin' CT Showoff for Dillies Corner¨*:·.

** DILLIES CORNER DC_CU Little Things 2 $3.00  $2.00 Save: 33% off Tube Artists-Pink Bubble Doll and Angelica S This product is Commercial  Use. The product can be sold "As Is" in a Commercial and/or Personal Use digital project that you  create and sale. For this pack you can incorporate all or any number of the elements in your digital  projects. 7 Elements, large PNG all are not shown on preview, no shadows-- 1 doll, 1 kitty, 1 sprinkle,  1 border, 2 flowers, 1 border 1 12x12 paper

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